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About Us

“Autism ProHelp is the Autism spectrum specialist new York founded based on a belief that all children and young adults deserve to achieve their true potential. Our main goal is to support and strengthen families in ways that enhance their growth and well-being through partnership between professionals and families. We believe that our effective training, collaboration, and therapy will enhance the lives of children and families each day.We are Dedicated to help New York families for autistic children”

Our Mission Statement

"At Autism ProHelp, our mission is to provide Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to children and students ages 0-18 who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), helping each child achieve their full potential. Our specialty is in providing holistic treatments that are individualized, intensive and play-based in a natural setting with cultural sensitivity in mind for children’s overall development and growth. "

Our Core Values

The foundation of our company mission is supported by the following core values.

  • Quality of Care We strive to set the standard in providing ABA services through clinical excellence and responsiveness to the unique need of every child and family we care for.
  • Long-term Commitment We are committed to walk this unique journey together and create a long-term relationship with the families we serve through care and compassion.
  • Family Collaboration SERVICES Our services are all about collaborating and working together with parents/guardians, teachers, and or any other professionals. We believe that shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success in child's development and growth.
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